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Todays New sleek and fashionable designs.

Woman shows off the feminine sleek and fashionable designs of today’s advanced vaping mod devices.

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The vaping industry has come along way, but still the availability of powerful sleek feminine and fashionable designs are few when compared to today’s bigger more advanced vaping mod devices.  This is mainly because of the battery size.  This wasn’t the perception before these larger vaping devices entered the market.  In fact the first designs emulated the appearance of cigarettes.  At the time ignorance was bliss as nothing better was available.  But, these sleek designs do not carry the same vape production so have fallen out of use with dedicated experience vapers.

The trouble we see is when trying to get an avid 1 to 3 pack a day smoker to quit smoking and move over to vaping, we would never recommend these smaller designs.  The success rate is much lower because the vape production is not on par in volume to these larger devices.  It is the volume that makes an avid smoker feel they are getting the same experience as they had with smoking.

We challenge our readers to continue to submit the most powerful sexy and fashionable designs for our review so we can recommend those designs for new and old vapers that refuse to carry around something that looks like a flashlight or a woman’s pleasure device.

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