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Advanced Vaping Hardware becoming Less Advanced

Advanced vaping hardware is becoming less advanced and more the norm as technology improves.

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Advanced vaping hardware is becoming less advanced and more the norm as technology improves.  Every avid vaper can recall their early days with the simple cigalikes with cigarette-size batteries and cute fake led light for effect.  The excitement that this wasn’t really smoke, but vapor.  Then came the ego type mod designs with larger improved battery capacity and USB chargers.  It was a God send at the time, because there is nothing worse then being out with family or friends and have your cigalike battery die on you.  You had to carry multiple cigalikes with you just for this reason.

Then came the first tube mods with variable wattage.  Wow now we are playing with power.  You could fine tune your vaping experience.  Too hot you can tune it down.  Not enough throat hit or too mellow then just turn it up and you got what you felt was your perfect vaping experience.  Of course all during these periods solid mods were poping in and out of the scene as die hard solid mod users were perfecting their combinations and designs, but now solid mods are gaining much stronger attention with the strong entrance of sub-ohm.

Sub-ohm started to show its face more and more in the scene with it’s noticeably increased vapor production and early reliance on solid mods to power them, but the vapor production was fantastic.  There was and still continues to this day to be scares and accidents with sub-ohm vaping, so readers beware of your hardware combinations of coil resistances, vape mods and batteries.  It is just not worth it to burn your house down, burn yourself or your loved ones just for the sake of vapor production.  Today enters the high wattage box mod, which appeared to be a redesigned version of a tube mod.  These new high wattage box mods could sub-ohm out of the box and now regularly exceed 220 watts output.  This is enough vapor production for 10 people to vape from the same device simultaneously.  Where do we go from here.  How much is too much.  I wouldn’t be surprised if someone finds a way to vape a 10 ml bottle in a single vape hit.  Vape clouds so large and thick they have their own zip code.

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