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Focusing on Premium eJuice & eLiquid Startup Profits

“Show Me The Money!” “How to Create an eJuice Company”

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With the gold rush still in full swing in the VAPE industry. decided to turn our focus on “How to Create an eJuice Company” and Premium eJuice & eLiquid Startups. In doing so, one catch phrase from the movie Jerry Maguire immediately comes to mind “Show Me The Money!”.

Any seasoned VAPE business owner will tell you, the big profits are not the in hardware, but in the premium eJuices. Premium eJuices is one of the most explosive and profitable businesses in the VAPE industry, because the markups and profit margins are so high. What started as one or two eJuice companies supplying everyone’s vaping needs, has exploded into over 2,000 manufacturers as of this year. This explosive growth is only getting stronger, as young would be entrepreneurs are watching other seasoned and newly established entrepreneurs becoming multi millionaires seemingly almost over night. Attending any VAPE conference you will see these very young “Rock Star” entrepreneurs doing what they do best, vaping and partying down with the rest of the VAPE community.

What did it take for them to reach this level of success? Surely it must be complicated to manufacture premium ejuices. Actually the truth is no. Contrary to what some of the top premium ejuice manufacturers would have you believe, the base ingredients and processes are the same across the board for all premium eliquid companies. The trouble that comes is actually often a direct result of your own success. The inability to keep up with demand.

This is now less of an issue today, than it was in the beginning. There are now so many premium eLiquid companies that specialize in producing products in volume for other premium eJuice brands. Most of these companies already have hundreds of reverse engineered flavors from all the top brands. It might come as a surprise to know that many of the competing big premium ejuice brands are actually owned by the same core investors. In an open market these brands appear to go head to head in a battle for the best, but at the end of the day all the profits for both brands end up in the same investing entrepreneur’s pockets.

So really then, what is the secret to success in launching a premium eJuice brand. It simply takes a can do attitude and a belief in yourself and the follow through to see projects to completion. is Going to Back the Industry! believes the key to fighting the VAPE industry’s legislative battles, is generating more money and alliances. We are going to back the industry with our considerable premium resources, by helping new and exsisting premium ejuice companies and startups gain access to premium branding.

Premium branding is a name or names for your companies or products that stick in the minds of the shopping community. Sometimes it is just catchy and sometimes it is simply the core phrase when referring to the topic being searched. As an example when you search for premium eliquids or premium ejuices, what do you type into Google? Exactly, you type the first thing that comes to mind “premium ejuices” or “premium eliquids”. This is called category class type in traffic or built in value to your company. Selecting the right name from the beginning can have people inherently coming to you even before you ever start your marketing campaign.

These names also have built in bookmarking, because there is no need to bookmark a website if your name is the core phrase or category for a product line. The name is always at the forefront of your mind Like or

Many of you that are reading this article were privately invited to look over this offering. We ask that you take your time to consider this initial premium brand subscription offering for your new and competing premium eliquid startup launches. If you are interested in subscribing to any premium domain brand below, select the check box to the left of the domain and enter your monthly subscription offer in the activated field immediately to the right of each domain. Once you have made your selections, please fill out the rest of the form completely and submit. After reviewing your offer will be in touch with you shortly. Also you can email us at:

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