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Lady Boss Vapor Interview & Giveaway with Cindi Kinch from Tampa, Florida

We took all the bad stuff out of it and put a bunch of good stuff in it and made it magnificent.

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An Interview of Cindi Kinch of Lady Boss Vapor from Tampa, Florida

Interview by VAPE

Lady Boss Vapor producers of top quality Premium e Juice.

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Do you yourself vape and if so when did you start vaping and what was your greatest motivation to start vaping?:


I originally smoked and I started vaping the week of May 18 of 2014. I know the exact date, because I wasn’t looking to quit smoking. I was looking to quite drinking. I was sitting in front of that convenience store, looking to go in and buy a pack of cigarettes and I was in my first week of sobriety and I was scared to death to walk into the convenience store because I didn’t think I could walk in and not walk out with beer or wine or some kind of alcoholic beverage. So I look over two doors down, there’s a lizard juice vape shop and I went in and got a evod and ego twist and some nasty tobacco flavored juice and that kept me going for a couple weeks. It kept me away from the convenience store. Hahahaha That’s how I started vaping and I sucked on that thing for dear life. Cuz I really wanted to get cigarettes, but I wanted to stay out of the convenience stores. I just didn’t think I had enough will power to not buy alcohol, so I just kept going to meetings and I kept vaping.

If you were a smoker, have you stayed true to vaping or have you ever returned to smoking? :


I smoked a couple of cigarettes, but they taste nasty. I can’t smoke them. It’s just enough to make me just have that taste in my mouth and go Eeeeewww! So disgusting!

How do you think vaping could be further improved so it is more like the feel of smoking?:


Its enough like smoking as is. We took all the bad stuff out of it and put a bunch of good stuff in it and made it magnificent. Why do we need to make it more like cigarettes? If you really want that whole cigarette experience, get a nasty tobacco juice and get some IPG and gross yourself out hahahaha! After experiencing some of these good flavors and big puffy clouds and yummy tastes, why would you even want it like that?

What do you find are the biggest misconceptions about vaping?:


Gosh, there are so many where do I even start. How about Diacetyl for one. There is a huge misconception on Diacetyl. When a cigarette has 5,700μg/day of Diacetyl in it and the strongest custard flavor might have 56 μg/day, that’s 10 to over 100 times more Diacetyl in cigarettes. People are starting lawsuits over this crap. I mean its just like; really? Is this real? Well; and I do agree totally that none of the ingredients have been proven safe for inhalation on any e liquid. I just think that everybody is shooting the panic gun before its even necessary. They smoked cigarettes for god’s sake. There is 5,700μg/day of Diacetyl in them. Give me a break!

What is your personal go to atomizer, mod and Premium e Juice combo?:


I am currently rocking a super mini tank. That thing is awesome. Its got dual claptons in it and Ive got it on a Kboss with temperature control. I can change out the clapton coils for the nickle coils and play with my temperature controls; which I haven’t done yet, Cuz my clapton coils taste really good!

When did you start in the vape business?:


Lady Boss became legal in September of 2015. Right after I hired to do the Lady Boss website I incorporated. Ive had premium e juice forever, I just didn’t have a business. I’ve been mixing premium e juice a year and a few months before that. Because it was about last September that I got my first do it yourself kit and thought it was too small and then started going bigger bigger bigger and making a bunch of crazy stuff. It was fun! I quickly found out those kits don’t come tasting yummy. They taste pretty nasty actually. I did the Flavor Apprentice and Capella flavors. I had been in some online groups on Facebook for DIY and I just followed some threads and just watched and trolled them you know and got information and gathered enough information that I thought I was intelligent enough to place an order; so I did. Starting out I quickly found out, strawberry is an easy flavor to work with and cinnamon is really hard. Like Maple syrup is hard one and Belgian waffle is a hard one. There is a lot of hard ones. There’s a lot of easy ones. Peach is an easy one. Any cherry is hard and a pain in the butt

Why did you get into this vape business?:


I really wasn’t going to get into the vape business. I was just going to kinda do my DIY and have a little thing as you know, an addition to my day job, more of like a hobby than a career and then I was fired. Oh wow, Okay? we are doing this 100%. Okay it tastes good and it looks good; full steam ahead! I wasn’t going to take this full steam with a 40 plus hour a week job, so soon as I was fired all my energy went into this.

What do enjoy most about working in the vaping industry?:


I enjoy the freedom to be creative and not be strangled by paperwork. I love that. I absolutely love that. I love the people. I love how helpful people are. There are people in the industry that are kind, nice, tight and close knit people and I like that.

What is it like to be in the gold rush days of vaping business?:


Its fun!

Do you have more than one vape business?:


Maybe more to be revealed down the line; stay tuned.

Are you interested in expanding your vape business and if so how would you expand it?:


Lady Boss Vapor will be expanding an ISO certified lab, shortly for additional manufacturing. Heavy on the shortly, I don’t do things slow.

What’s the best advice you can give someone starting their own vape business?:


Get started early on your artwork, because doing labels is hard hahahaha!

What is your top selling mods?:


I don’t have mods. I don’t want to sell mods.

What is your top selling Premium e Juice?:


White Chocolate and Hazelnut, Sweet Rainbow Candy and Rainbow Sherbert. I don’t really have one that doesn’t sell good.

Do you think there is anything the vape community can do to stop big tobacco from lobbying against open and free vape business?:


I think people just need to stay involved. Continue to call their state representatives. continue to fill out the forms. Get close with and just continue to post your comments going forward.

How do you think the new FDA regulations will effect you and your vape business?:


I don’t know, because I don’t know what the new regulations are going to say. I have read they want warning labels, so I slapped those on my bottles. Ive got double warnings, one for California and one for ingredients, children and the pets and all that. So hopefully I have a double layer of protection in case they need to be changed and or course they’ll be changed.

Would you be interested in joining the vaping community that is fighting for the rights of vaping and vaping businesses?:



Do you have favorite blogs and or reviewers that you trust?:


Anything and everything on I love that website.

Where else can we find you hanging out on the web? :


Usually Instagram or Facebook. Also a part of groups, vape chat, the tampa bay vape malitia and cci etc.

Can people connect with you on social media?:


Yes through Facebook and Instagram

If you could get more involved with the vaping community socially, would you?:


I would attend more VAPE conventions. That’s seriously something I would do. I’m just not able to because of my daughters health. I love VAPE conventions. Id be at every single one if I could and maybe someday I’ll be able to. but for right now I’m not.

With the new trend for (deep character development ) storytelling, would you be interest in an ongoing story about you and your vape business?:


Quit possibly I would.

How could the vaping community further help your business? :


Just keep buying my juice, thank you for all the support. A special thanks to Kick it Vapor in Springfield Oregon, Jade Vapor in Mansfield Ohio, Royal Vapor in Clear water Florida.

If Premium e Juice manufacturers could help you with a more modernized website for your business in exchange for you selling their Premium e Juice, would you accept their help?:


You already have, Thank you and to all my original sponsors that helped build the website.

Of all the things you’ve ever been asked, whats the one thing nobody’s ever asked you that you would love to talk about?:


Ask me anything, I’m a motor mouth Hahaha!

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  1. ChrisM

    December 30, 2015 at 10:41 am

    This was a great read!, Cindi is not only a master mixer, but she has a heart of gold. Her juice line is stupendous, I haven’t found someone so willing to help inform the community/persons, and a mega plus is how awesome her juice is.

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