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An Interview with Jesse-m Smits of Mad Ape Vape from Tampa, Florida

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An Interview of Jesse-m Smits of Mad Ape Vape from Tampa, Florida

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Mad Ape Vape producers of top quality Premium e Juice.

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Do you yourself vape and if so when did you start vaping and what was your greatest motivation to start vaping?:


I vape exclusively now after being a smoker for about seven and a half years. While living in Tampa Florida a friend of mine Carlito introduced me to vaping claiming how wonderful the various fruit flavors tasted. Being the skeptic I am, I wasn’t sure how I was going to like the change, but after spending several hours at a local vape store with Carlito I was thoroughly convinced that this was the healthier alternative. Even so, after learning that the majority of companies were adding unhealthy and non-essential ingredients to their E-Liquid. I thought there had to be a better way. Most of the E-Liquids available use either artificial flavorings or color additives or sucrose sweeter to apparently enhance their product. Some companies were even adding ingredients like liquid smoke and titanium dioxide.

I wanted to produce a TRULY PREMIUM E-LIQUID. Thus Mad Ape Vape was born. After an unsatisfactory attempt at producing my own E-Liquid with friends in Tampa, I knew I had to get expert help. That?s when I called my father, Patrick Smits. He has a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry, Physics, Math and Computers. He worked in the Nuclear industry for years training research personnel on nuclear instrumentation and integrating multi-channel spectrum analyzers with computers for isotope identification. He also helped General Electric develop their Nuclear Medicine and CAT scanning machines. He was awarded General Electrics ?Genius of Invention? for patents he obtained for his research. So, I figured he could formulate a good E-Liquid, if I could nudge him out of retirement, which wasn?t easy.

And now I have a new found respect for his analytical approach to developing solutions. He spent months researching companies and their products before mixing a single E-Liquid recipe. What he found was amazing. The quality of some of the best known suppliers was horrendous. He sampled vegetable glycerin (VG) that tasted like it had graphite in it. Nicotine that had a peanut butter taste. Flavors with a high degree of alcohol, acetone and other chemical agents used to extract the flavor esters from the source organic stock. And possibly worse, artificial compounds used in flavors. We now have a list of high quality USA manufacturers, who source high quality organic stock for producing their flavors. Being FDA approved is NOT enough for our high standards. We do not use any products imported from other countries. Being a USA supplier is NOT enough, because they can import their products and resell them as FDA approved. We only use USA Manufacturers!

Once our suppliers were chosen, my father researched the flavor profile preference of people who vape. The largest segment of the market is fruit flavors. Now it was time for him to start developing recipes. It quickly became apparent that it is easy to mix up flavors to create an E-Liquid, it is not so easy to create a GREAT tasting/vaping E-Liquid. After formulating literally hundreds of recipes, some good, some bad and some just okay, it was time to do more in-depth analysis of fruit esters, the ?essence? of the flavor, in order to create an EXCELLENT tasting E-Liquid. After researching which flavor esters are complementary and which are inharmonious, the recipe formulation began again. It was agreed upon that Mad Ape Vape would offer six (6) E-Liquid flavors. It just happens that the rainbow has six major colors. We assigned each color of the rainbow to a fruit flavor that matched the fruit color. For example Red for Strawberry, Orange for Mango, Yellow for Pineapple, Green for Green Apple, Blue for Blueberry and Violet for Pomegranate. We use multiple varieties of a single flavor in most of our juices. Wrath Of Pele for example uses two varieties of strawberries. We use two varieties or sources of Mango, Pineapple, Vanilla etc. These are the major flavor ?notes?. In addition, all of our juices are complex recipes. Each flavor has several minor flavor ?notes?. Maui?s Pleasure for example has seven different flavor ingredients, which is our most complex E-Liquid recipe. The results of his efforts is amazing. I am extremely proud of the work my father has done to produce an ?all day vape? of the highest quality. Mad Ape E-Liquid is a smooth vape that will not cause an upper respiratory irritation or burning sensation that many other E-Liquids do.

If you were a smoker, have you stayed true to vaping or have you ever returned to smoking?:


Once I started vaping I have never returned to smoking. As a note, now I find the smell and taste of a cigarette to be quite unappealing.

How do you think vaping could be further improved so it is more like the feel of smoking?:


Vaping takes an acquired taste, there are so many varieties of flavors, nicotine levels, and production of vapor. Vaping and smoking are two completely different things. I do not believe that vaping should be more like smoking. It should be better than smoking providing a more pleasing and much healthier alternative while delivering the nicotine to those who need it.

What do you find are the biggest misconceptions about vaping?:


The health issue. This misconception vaping is as dangerous or more dangerous than smoking. Vaporizing a liquid is completely different than burning an organic material. There is a lot of misinformation in the media about vaping.

What is your personal go to atomizer, mod and Premium e Juice combo?:


When we attend Vape Conventions and love to demo our product with:

1.Crown V2 Tanks by Uwell
2.Cuboid regulated boxes
3.Mad Ape Vape Premium E-Juice.

When did you start in the vape business?:


Late 2014 November – December is when the idea was first conceived and brought to life. Company paper work was filed in January of 2015. We have had a substantial climb to the top ever since then. Seeing people enjoy our product and the health benefits versus smoking brings us a lot of satisfaction. And when vaping aficionados start appreciating the difference our “All Natural Flavors” and “All Organic Nicotine” offers versus other companies offerings, we are extremely pleased. It makes the tremendous amount of time developing the Mad Ape product worthwhile.

Why did you get into this vape business?:


After vaping many of the E-Liquids available today, I was concerned about unnecessary additives like artificial flavors, food coloring, titanium dioxide and other ingredients in the products. We knew that industry needed a truly premium e-liquid that contained only the best ingredients to produce a healthier vape.

What do enjoy most about working in the vaping industry?:


We love the people in the vaping community. We?ve met some of the best hearted people at Vape Conventions and at the Vape Shops that handle our E-Liquid line. We are thrilled when we can get someone to quit smoking and start vaping.

What is it like to be in the gold rush days of vaping business?:


Its a good place to be, starting a business in a growing segment of the economy. And besides, my father loves gold!

Do you have more than one vape business?:


We are focused on manufacturing the best E-Liquid we can and are constantly evaluating our product exploring ways to make it better. At this time we only have time for one business.

Are you interested in expanding your vape business and if so how would you expand it?:


Mad Ape is involved in multiple aspects of expanding its business including but not limited to social media, sponsorship’s, marketing avenues, promotional items, vape conventions and personal appearances at vape shops.

What’s the best advice you can give someone starting their own vape business?:


Think it through and talk with prospective customers to assure some measure of success.

Do you think there is anything the vape community can do to stop big tobacco from lobbying against open and free vape business?:


The best thing to do is get the facts out to the public and ?The truth will set you free?.

Would you be interested in joining the vaping community that is fighting for the rights of vaping and vaping businesses?:


We are currently involved in disseminating testimonials and positive stories about vaping.

Where else can we find you hanging out on the web?:


YouTube Search for Mad Ape Vape

Can people connect with you on social media?:


Yes, any of the above links or through our web site at

How could the vaping community further help your business? :


Help get the word out about how an All Natural product can benefit them.

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