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An Interview of Matt & Lori of Two Gunz Premium E-Juice from Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Our favorite thing about this is meeting so many great people and so many that we can call family.

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An Interview of Matt & Lori of Two Gunz Premium E-Juice from Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Interview by VAPE

Two Gunz Premium E-Juice producers of top quality Premium e Juice.

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Do you yourself vape and if so when did you start vaping and what was your greatest motivation to start vaping?:

Matt & Lori:

Yes, both Matt and I are avid vapers. Well, Matt’s motivation to start vaping was a several day hospital stay due to an injury to his hand from a severe burn while working as a Chef. He asked me to bring him an electronic cigarette from a local store to help his smoking withdrawal and “Wow” the rest is history…smoking?? What is that?? and for me, smoking continued for 2 months after Matt came home.. I just could not stop, it was really a tough thing to do if you really didn’t understand vaping…but Matt was persistent and I continued to try and try until one day I got it! Wow what an eye opener… How much better I felt, I can breathe omg..everyone has to know about this right???? If they didn’t would help everyone know how great it was!

If you were a smoker, have you stayed true to vaping or have you ever returned to smoking? :

Matt & Lori:

Absolutely Not! We both could never ever look at a cigarette again, it was dirty, smelly and made us feel sick and wow when you smell it on someone you realize how offensive the smell is and just know it’s killing you. We know we made the right choice.

How do you think vaping could be further improved so it is more like the feel of smoking?:

Matt & Lori:

We think that what currently is available for starter kits are great, but it’s the juice that needs to mimic the flavors of the cigarettes that people smoked, it needs to be closer for them to make the switch easier, but we know nothing is easy when you are used to doing the same thing every day. Change is difficult especially for those who do not wish to change but know that it is better for them to do so.

What do you find are the biggest misconceptions about vaping?:

Matt & Lori:

IT’S NOT SMOKE! It’s Water Vapor! People NEED to be more educated whether it is by shop owners, juice makers or social media…People NEED to know! These products are not intended for treatment for nicotine addiction. They are intended to help current smokers to switch to vaping without the dangerous toxins and carcinogens. People seem to forget that there are over 4000 dangerous ingredients in cigarettes while ejuice has only a handful of ingredients and none deemed as cancer causing.

What is your personal go to atomizer, mod and Premium e Juice combo?:

Matt & Lori:

Our go to RDA are definitely the Dot Mods. Such a solid, reliable, and excellent looking piece on the market. As far as mods go [Matt] the Subzero Mod & [Lori] my custom Stomp Box by Screaming Tree Mods. We use several different atomizer’s, mod’s and ejuice’s i.e. (Two Gunz) of course, p.s. we actually know what is in it… 🙂 We love to support the community and try new “everything” so that we know what it’s like first hand and the benefits of each one.

When did you start in the vape business?:

Matt & Lori:

We starting mixing and testing in mid 2014 and before end of third quarter 2014, we were born 🙂 It didn’t take long for Matt to create great flavors, and there were many!

Why did you get into this vape business?:

Matt & Lori:

To help others quit smoking. Spread the word of healthier alternatives & making great products. We were so inspired by how great we were feeling and by all the amazing people we met along the way and wanted to help the growing vape community have more choices of such great products, and because Matt was a fine dining chef, he had a great pallet for taste! Everything was spot on! And so came our own premium ejuice line, Two Gunz Premium Ejuice.

What do enjoy most about working in the vaping industry?:

Matt & Lori:

Definitely the awesome people we have met and everlasting friendships. The vaping industry is a great community of people all coming together as one to help each other with a journey to a healthier alternative to smoking. Our favorite thing about this is meeting so many great people and so many that we can call family.


Original Photo by Salvatore Michael Photography Instagram:@salvatoremichael & @cloud_status

What is it like to be in the gold rush days of vaping business?:

Matt & Lori:

It’s been amazing. Blessed to have got in when we got in. We’ve watched the industry explode in such a short time. When we started it was already a daily routine in different parts of the US but we watched as it quickly grew in only 1 & 1/2 years to a much larger community.

Do you have more than one vape business?:

Matt & Lori:

No. This is our baby and we are watching it grow as we are able to reach out and have people try our great tastes and hope they love it as much as we do. Who knows, we may branch off to other vape ventures.

Are you interested in expanding your vape business and if so how would you expand it?:

Matt & Lori:

Yes, we currently are expanding. With more distribution across the U.S. and international, we are really excited to see how big this really is.

What’s the best advice you can give someone starting their own vape business?:

Matt & Lori:

Be in it for the RIGHT reason. Don’t get into it for the money. Be well educated and it always helps if you vape and knew the difference from quitting smoking and if not, and you enjoy vaping, then more power to you, but be a community person and help people help themselves to a healthier lifestyle. Be prepared to work hard it’s very compelling.

What is your top selling Premium e Juice?:

Matt & Lori:

Wow, great question. Loco Loops and Apple Jax are our biggest sellers, but we are finding that every state and area are different. It’s so amazing to see the taste changes from state to state. We have different favorites everywhere; Our Loco Loops, Custer’s Vanilla, Apple Jax, Grape Twin Pop, & Sarsaparilla.

Do you think there is anything the vape community can do to stop big tobacco from lobbying against open and free vape business?:

Matt & Lori:

Yes, vote against what they are trying to take away from us. Be a voice whenever action is needed. Everyone must stick together. Everyone must speak up.

How do you think the new FDA regulations will effect you and your vape business?:

Matt & Lori:

For the better. We hope that any new regulations will be for the better and we won’t have to continue to fight for our rights.

Would you be interested in joining the vaping community that is fighting for the rights of vaping and vaping businesses?:

Matt & Lori:

Already Done!!!! and Absolutely!


In Photo Instagram: Matt & Lori and Instagram:BUDTAT2

Do you have favorite blogs and or reviewers that you trust?:

Matt & Lori:

Yes, we think there are several blogs and reviewers that are amazing. Don’t wish to name names though. You know who you are. LOL

Where else can we find you hanging out on the web? :

Matt & Lori:

Well we must say that Instagram is our biggest source of media but we also can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr as well.

Can people connect with you on social media?:

Matt & Lori:

Yes they absolutely can and we encourage that. So many things can be learned by using social media as a learning tool and we love talking with everyone!

If you could get more involved with the vaping community socially, would you?:

Matt & Lori:

We definitely stay involved with the vaping community whether it be on social media, sponsoring events at vape shops or traveling to vape events.

With the new trend for (deep character development ) storytelling, would you be interest in an ongoing story about you and your vape business?:

Matt & Lori:

Absolutely and I hope that story never ends and just keeps getting more exciting and more educational.

How could the vaping community further help your business? :

Matt & Lori:

We love our followers, fans, friends, partners and vape family. We hope to continue to spread the word and let everyone know how compassionate we are about the vape community and that we love helping people. We get so much satisfaction from supporting the community and especially now with so many vape shops struggling. We see this as our chance to further give back to the community. Many of these struggling vape shops don’t even have a website. We are giving back to the community by actually helping as many of these vape shops as we can; get a more professional website. is excited to join together with in sponsoring 80% of the cost for those vape shops to get a professional website. We invite you to sign up at

Of all the things you’ve ever been asked, whats the one thing nobody’s ever asked you that you would love to talk about?:

Matt & Lori:

How hard we work…and we know so many others that do the same. We live and literally breathe this life 7 days a week. We are so compassionate about what we do and hope that everyone knows how much we really care and how we love to help keep this great vaping community as One. We really truly care. 🙂

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  1. Vanessa San Agustin

    February 14, 2016 at 4:29 am

    this was such an awesome interview!! very informational and much heart into it!! I appreciate Matt & Lori for bringing me into their vape family, I really do! I never in my vaping experience thought I’d get sponsored or even noticed for what I post and I post out of passion and my love for things!! I’m a big Loco Loops fan, I love it!!

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