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Interview of Jake Lang from Vaporizer City and Wholesale Vapes

How Does a Small Town Kid turn into one of This Industries Youngest Entrepreneurs. What turned this kid; into one of this industries youngest entrepreneurs.

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An Interview of Jake Lang of Wholesale Vapes from Manhattan

Interview by VAPE

Wholesale Vapes factory direct supplier for vape shops.

How to reach Vaporizer City & Wholesale Vapes

How Does a Small Town Kid turn into one of This Industries Youngest Entrepreneurs.

Jake’s roots are planted along side the Delaware river in a small town of only 800 people; called Narrowsburg NY. The young man, only 20 years old, has since moved onto Manhattan to start his companies and make a name for himself in the big apple! Jake was inspired from an early age to become an entrepreneur, for generations his family has owned one of the largest environmental waste treatment facilities in New York. Lets explore the journey of what turned this small town kid; into one of this industries youngest entrepreneurs.

In Spring of 2014 Jake left school at Hunter College to pursue his first business, a urban head-wear company called Harlem Pusher. After selling his custom designed hats on the streets of Harlem for 2 weeks; he landed the brand into a few local shops. Networking on the streets and in the local shops; Jake came across a fellow entrepreneur who introduced him to the vaporizer industry. Jake immediately saw the potential in the emerging industry and seized the opportunity; launching his online store Vaporizer City in the Fall of 2014. The young entrepreneur bootstrapped his company by building his own website, designing his own logo and developing the entire business plan himself; an impressive feat for a 19 year old. Vaporizer City’s success can be attributed to his and his rep teams hard work on social media; they currently have over 26 thousand followers!

In 2015 Jake realized the rapidly expanding Vaporizer Industry was becoming swarmed with new vape shops; and a lot of competition. That summer, he decided to capitalize on all of the new vape shops instead of competing with them. He acquire the domain at a highly competitive auction. Since then he has been developing his website and industry connections. is now fully operational and gearing up for a HUGE launch in February of 2016. The newly formed company works with local vape shops all across North America to help them become more profitable; guaranteeing to beat their current wholesale supplier. is able to get such competitive pricing because they are a factory direct supplier. This means they have established connections with the manufacturers of major vape brands such as Aspire and KangerTech and use their distribution facilities to cut out the middleman, saving vape shops big bucks! Ordering supplies for your vape shop online has never been so seamless, affordable and convenient! Keep an eye out for Vaporizer City & making major partnership moves and collaborations on social media. This young professional is truly helping to bring vaping to the forefront of society in 2016 and onward.

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  1. Ned

    February 2, 2016 at 3:18 pm

    Great article. I think anyone whom has the guts to get out there and take a risk and do their own thing trying to build a business from the ground up is impressive! The best of luck to this entrepreneur! Btw. Great website!

  2. Jake

    February 2, 2016 at 3:40 pm

    Thanks VapeMag!!! @JakeVape

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