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If Opportunity Doesn’t Knock, Build a Door!

An Online VAPE CON, the door of opportunity for a vape family community network of fair and cooperative relationships.

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Online VAPE CON by VAPE, Premium e & Premium e

If Opportunity Doesn’t Knock, Build a Door!

An Online VAPE CON, the door of opportunity for a vape family community network of fair and cooperative relationships. together with the vape community, is putting the meaning of family back into vape family. In order to do that, we’ve had to break a few molds.

In an effort to be more like a VAPE Convention, has recently opened up it’s online editorial network to the public, allowing each of the premium e juice manufacturers and distributors in the community to setup shop directly in our network of online editorial magazines and vaping community. Currently this network includes,, and ( Coming Soon! ).

Each ejuice brand setup in the magazine network, operates in it’s own independent shopping environment as part of a larger community network. Like a booth in a VAPE Convention, this setup creates an almost Mall like environment for the community, allowing each company to independently drive traffic to their own respective shops or booth; creating an overflow of traffic. This overflow of brand directed traffic is also of mutual benefit to all other shops or booths in the community. As an example, setup shop in as This allows the magazine network to monitor the social and traffic signals to their shop or booth, such as likes, shares, links and traffic. These social and traffic signals are what determine each shop’s or booth’s FREE ranking in the high traffic pages of the magazine network. is a community network of cooperative relationships, that supports only an environment of equal opportunity for all brands. is breaking the mold of all other online vape shops by NOT charging brands the 50% wholesale pricing and NOT charging $10,000 a month in sponsor fees to determine a premium e juice brands ranking in the magazine network. in cooperation with and has adopted a fair use e-commerce hosting model for each brand; only charging the same flat rate of $199.99 a month to each brand equally; as is seen in similar business models such as companies like Shopify, BigCommerce and Volusion. With each brand operating independent sites and merchant accounts, they now only need focus on social media and keep 100% of their sales profits.

What is included with each brand’s shop or booth:

  • Independent sub domain as
  • Setup and managed internal website.
  • Managed internal website installed as external website ( optional ).
  • SSL secure check out for sub domain.
  • SSL secure check out for external domain ( Optional ).
  • Age Verification without ads.
  • WordPress CMS framework.
  • WooCommerce ecommerce framework.
  • Included 2 posts a month to’s 53,300 plus follower Instagram feed a $200.00 Value.
  • Earn 100% of your sales with, your own merchant account.
  • Ability to Submit articles to be published in each of the magazines ( subject to editorial approval ).

Examples of Magazine Shops or Booths:

Example of a Standalone Shop:

Get Your Online Shop or Booth in VAPE Magazine VAPE CON Now.

To join the vape communities online VAPE CON, complete the form and checkout below.

Magazine Online Store

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