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Keep the Iconic VAPE Magazine Alive by Buying the Company That Publishes It.

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Keep the Iconic VAPE Magazine Alive by Buying the Company That Publishes It.

Written By John Castle, Senior Editor

The First Name in Vape Magazines

What would you do if you owned the world?s first, and still best, magazine for the vaping community about the vaping industry? If you could take the keys to the castle, how would you manage things? Would you take a ?steady as she goes? approach and simply continues to oversee a publication that delivers the same great content that over a million readers have come to know and love over the years?
Or would you devise groundbreaking new content topics and delivery strategies to grow that publication even bigger than it?s ever been before? If the future of the best vaping magazine on Earth was in your hands, which would you choose?
Here?s your chance to make that choice:


When it was established in 2011, owner Geoffrey Stonham had one vision in mind: to help people quit smoking cannabis or tobacco by bringing the latest, biggest, and best medical vaporizer stories on the vaping industry to the community that loves this innovative smoke harm reduction technology and the key players behind creating it. That?s what VAPE Magazine has done from the start, and that?s still what we do today.
The medical vaporizer industry is entering a new age; you can already see it coming for yourself. With new prohibitions on promoting vapor brands through social media ? Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram have already banned certain vapor and vaporizer promotions, and other social media platforms won?t be slow in following the leader ? print magazines are paradoxically the way forward rather than a thing of the past.
VAPE Magazine has been, still is, and will remain a strong voice for the best brands in the vape industry. Formed to provide vapor businesses with improving their brand imaging and to create engaging content that connects consumers to the businesses with the best products, that remains our mission now and into the future.

With Covid-19 even a well beloved job can eventually take its toll. We?re all only human; exhaustion can set in, both of the physical and mental kinds. And sometimes what a business needs, to be refreshed and reinvigorated, is new blood. New eyes on the course, new hands on the helm. A new age.
This is why VAPE Magazine is now for sale. The sale would be a turnkey arrangement; all VAPE Magazine?s existing assets, from its existing content, digital real estate, and even staff such as Geoffrey Stonham himself and writers including John Castle would come under the management of you, the new owner. Operations would conceivably continue smoothly through the transition of ownership as you take the keys, survey your new property, then craft your direction forward.
If you?d like to give ownership a ?test run? first, licensing of VAPE Magazine, including its material and human assets, is also available. Licensees have first option for purchase later, when you decide that full ownership is for you.
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