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Lost Vape URSA Quest Review & Giveaway

The URSA Quest is gorgeous ergonomic & versatile.

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The URSA Quest is gorgeous ergonomic & versatile.

Lost Vape URSA Quest Review


When we set out to write this Lost Vape URSA Quest Review, this device clearly shows vaping has come a very, very long way since its introduction to the U.S. marketplace in 2006 or so. From its introduction to its ?mainstreaming?, huge advancements and innovations hit the marketplace. From its mainstreaming to today, those advancements have not only not slowed down; to the contrary, they?ve accelerated, to a degree, no one could have predicted.

For the past year or two, the Geek Vape Aegis line has stood as the pinnacle of vaping form and function for the average vape review. But now, Lost Vape has answered the call for the ?Next Step? in vaping hardware, with the Ursa Quest.

To start with, the Ursa Quest is simply gorgeous. Incorporating premium materials ? you can get it in your choice of colorways with either wood or leather inlay on the sides of the device ? the Quest speaks to not only a finely crafted machine but to top tier, even luxury, user experience.

Put most simply, although the Quest resembles a traditional box mod in form and function, it is in fact a 100 watt pod system ? almost certainly the pinnacle of the pod system format.

Is it all it appears to be? Is it the next plateau in vaping hardware? Read on to find out. Stick with us to the end, too, because we?re giving away an Ursa Quest kid to one lucky winner every two weeks: And you could be it. Read on to learn about why you?ll want to win an Ursa Quest, and how you can enter for your chance to win.

In The Box

Inside the Box:
1 x Ursa Quest Device
1 x Usra Pro Pod Tank (Pre-installed) (7ml, 810 drip tip)
1 x Usra Pod Tank (6ml, 510 drip tip)
1 x 0.15? UB Pro P1 Coil
1 x 0.2? UB M4 Coil
1 x 510 Adapter
1 x Airflow Control Base (Pre-installed)
1 x 18650 Battery Adapter
8 x O-Rings
1 x Type-C Cable
1 x Warranty Card
1 x Leather Warning Card (Leather Series Only)
1 x User Manual

The packaging that brings your Lost Vape Ursa Quest to you is where that premium feel starts. Clean and pristine are the words to best describe it. Beyond the expected branding, an image of the device in your chosen color and finish adorns the front of the package, while the back sports a required nicotine warning.

Inside the box, you?ll find your Lost Vape Ursa Quest mod and a whole raft of associated goodies: Two sub-ohm tanks, those being the Ursa Pro Pod Tank (pre-installed on the mod itself) and the standard Ursa Pod Tank. Along with them, you?ll find the UB Pro P1 atomizer coil (also preinstalled inside the Ursa Pro Pod Tank) and the UB M4 coil.

Because the Quest is such a versatile device, it also arrives with a 510 drip tip adapter and a 18650 battery adapter. A USB-C charging cable is included, of course, as is a spare set of O-rings, a leather care card, and a user manual.

Specs & Features

Dimensions: 126*43*33mm
Weight: 173G
Battery: Single 21700/20700/18650 (Not Included)
Power Range: 5-100W
Input Voltage: 5V
Battery Voltage: 3.0V-4.2V
Output Voltage: 0.7V-8V
Current Range: 1A-35A
Temperature Range: 100?C-315?C / 200?F-600?F
Coil Resistance Supported: 0.1?-5.0?
Coil Material Supported: Kanthal / Nickel / Titanium / SS316 / SS904
Color Display Screen: 0.96*160″ TFT
Body Material: Zinc-Alloy

It?s not just the Quest?s looks that make it a standout, although we should take a moment to talk about those because those looks come from a manufacturing approach that applies rugged and choice materials to an ergonomically proven design.

The Quest mod itself measures 126 x 43 x 33 millimeters and weighs a hand-pleasing 173 grams. Principally clad in tough zinc alloy, the mod features side inlays of Ukiran leather, Crocodile leather, Embossed leather, or lustrous wood.

The numbers are every bit as impressive as the Quest?s good looks: When filled with a 21700 single battery, the Quest can fire from 5 to 100 watts, through coils at resistances from 0.1 ohms all the way up to 5 ohms. Temperature control options range from 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Moreover, the next-generation Quest chip powers five distinct firing modes: Wattage, Voltage, Temperature Control, VPC, and Bypass mode ? and each with three firing levels: soft, normal, and hard.

But it doesn?t stop there ? the Ursa Quest is a flat-out beast when it comes to versatility, boasting not one but three basic atomizer options: The first is the Ursa Pod Tank, boasting a 6ml capacity. The second is the Ursa PRO pod tank, boasting an e-liquid capacity of 7ml. Each of those pods sports side filling, a one-hand-operated airflow control base, and nearly half a dozen choices of compatible atomizer coils each.

The third option is a spacious and robust RDA deck, for those of you who like to build your own coils.

Lastly ? but by no means least ? the Ursa Quest features yet another welcome upgrade from its competitors: USB-C charging, which is reported to be 50% faster, on average, than the old micro-USB charging that?s been the de facto standard for years now.

Real World Experience

The biggest challenge, when it comes to unboxing and setting up the Lost Vape Ursa Quest pod mod, came when we found ourselves staring at the box?s contents and trying to decide just which setup we wanted to assemble this little beast into first.

We went with the Ursa PRO pod tank, outfitted with the 0.15 ohm UB Pro P1 coil. We first removed, primed, and reinserted the coil. Then it came to inserting a battery into the mod itself; we elected to go with a Hohm Run 21700 fresh from the charger. A fill up of the PRO pod with 6mg Beard Vape No. 5 was followed by five or so minutes of reading the user manual and waiting for that coil to fully saturate. It felt like the longest five minutes ever.

Then it was showtime. And oh, what a show the Quest puts on. From the first moments of staring at that full-color TFT display as you select your vaping mode, how hard the boost will be ? we selected 35 watts with a Hard boost and airflow set about a quarter of the way open ? to that first hit, it was hard for even veteran vapers and reviewers like ourselves to not just sit for a moment and marvel at this thing.

Then you take that first hit and get hit by the flavor truck. The UB PRO coils do not play games when it comes to flavor, throat hit, and nicotine delivery. We found ourselves adjusting the wattage from 35 down to 30 and opening the airflow to halfway because just with 6mg e-liquid, we actually got a legitimate nicotine headchange from that first hit.

Flavor, as implied, is both vivid and deep ? even the former reigning champion of pod systems seems now to deliver a flavor that is muted and muddy by comparison. With performance this hardcore even at lower wattage settings, we found the 4,007mAh Hohm Run 21700 lasted well over 2 full days of vaping before requiring a recharge. Rather than just swap it out for its mate sitting fresh in the charger, we needed to know just how quickly the USB-C charging would top it up again.

Frankly, we?re not even sure. We plugged the USB-C cable into the charging port on the Quest?s leading-edge, then carried on writing for about an hour, expecting to check on it to see how much longer it would take to finish charging. A 21700 is a big battery, after all, so we expected it to take well over an hour to top up, even from USB-C. It had finished charging, while we weren?t looking.

What is a vaporizer review without a field test? Finally, it was time to take it Out And About, not that many of us are often Out And About due to current events. To put it simply, it?s easy to forget that the Quest is indeed a pod system, considering its performance profile ? until you slip it into a pocket and almost forget that it?s even in there until you crave a hit off it and, oh yes, there it is. A champion nestled there in your pocket.

Price & Availability

You can get the Lost Vape Ursa Quest pod mod directly from Lost Vape themselves for $79.99 (plus tax and shipping) before accessories or from a variety of online retailers such as ElementVape, where it?ll run you $74.99 (plus tax and shipping) before accessories.

The colorways the Quest is available in is just about mind-blowing:

-Black + Ukiran Leather OR Crocodile Leather OR Embossed Leather OR Red Sandalwood

-Gunmetal + Ukiran Leather OR Crocodile Leather OR Embossed Leather OREbony Hardwood

Stainless Steel + Ukiran Leather OR Crocodile Leather OR Embossed Leather OR Purple Heart Wood

To get it from Lost Vape, visit

Pros & Cons


  • Unmatched performance in its size class
  • Versatility that?s above and beyond
  • Gorgeous looks
  • Excellent ergonomics


  • May be too complex / advanced for new vapers
  • Slightly steep price for a pod system (subjective)


The Lost Vape Ursa Quest review shows who is reigning King of the pods, bar none. Nothing before has packed this much customization potential, this much performance, so much luxury material, ergonomic comfort, or jaw-dropping good looks into a pod system.

And while its complexity and asking price make it anything but an impulse buy or an ideal first vape for smokers just making the switch, nothing before it punches so many divisions above its weight. The Lost Vape Ursa Quest is, stated simply, the ultimate piece of vape kit for the seasoned vaper.

We hope you enjoyed this Lost Vape URSA Quest Review. For more information on how to win your own Lost Vape Ursa Quest vaporizer, click here.

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