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Cloudious9 Hydrology9 NX Review & Giveaway

Cloudious9 Hydrology9 NX scores 9.8 out of 10.0

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Hydrology9 NX scores 9.8 out of 10.0


The Cloudious9 Hydrology9 NX Ultra9 Bundle Flower & Concentrate Vaporizer is the latest water filtered portable vaporizer bundle kit by popular manufacturer Cloudious9.  Cloudious9 has gained its popularity for producing some of the best dry herb vaporizers, concentrate vaporizers, and herb grinders, like the Hydrology9 Gen 1, Atomic9, and Tectonic9 (typically with high-grade materials), but now Cloudious9 releases the next generation of their water filtered wax, herb, dab vaporizer, the Hydrology9 NX Flower & Concentrate Vaporizer.  The Hydrology9 NX is an all-electric flower vaporizer built of borosilicate glass and aircraft-grade aluminum making for one of the smoothest cannabis vaping experiences on the market.

One of the most interesting aspects of this device bundle is the fine workmanship that went into its interchangeable modular design, which allows the user to switch between concentrate atomizer or hybrid convection flower heating chambers and making it truly one of the best all-in-one cannabis vaporizers you can buy. ?The NX Ultra9 Bundle review kit was sent to us by Cloudious9 for the purposes of this vaporizer review.

In The Box

From the moment you open the heavy shipping box, you know you are in for something spectacular.? Cloudious9 paid special attention to every detail of this product bundle, including the initial presentation set off by the yellow and black modern stylish packaging it comes in.? Opening the very well-built box you are presented with your first look at the new next-generation Hydrology9 NX.?

Contained in the box:

Hydrology9 NX
  • Hydrology9 NX Vaporizer
  • AC Adapter and Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Ceramic Convection Concentrate Atomizer Chamber
  • Ceramic Bucket (1) for Concentrate Atomizer Chamber
  • Glass Quartz Bucket (1) for Concentrate Atomizer Chamber
  • Concentrate Magnetic Aluminum Cover with Hidden Carb Cap Holder
  • Hidden Glass Quartz Carb Cap for Concentrate Magnetic Cover
  • Quartz Surface Flower Heating Chamber
  • Magnetic USB Charging Port & Dab Holding Tool
  • Replaceable and Rechargeable Battery
  • Borosilicate Glass Cylinder Tube
  • Glass Mouthpiece
Hydrology9 NX Leather Case
  • The Official carrying case of the Hydrology9 NX.
  • Fur lined Leather case.
  • Fur lined leather cap with straps.
  • A sleek and portable dry herb vaporizer.
  • USB Charging Cable.
  • Multilingual Instruction booklet.
  • Vapor guide.
  • Electric dispensing MANUAL grinder.
  • USB Charging Cable.
  • Multilingual Instruction booklet.
  • Canvas carrying case.

First Impressions

From the moment you hold the Hydrology9 NX in your hands for the first time, the experience feels like something out of a Sci-Fi movie; like opening a package into the future and the year is 2050 where advanced technology dominates every facet of our lives.  It is more impressive in person than any photo or review can do it justice.  Holding the Hydrology9 NX, the first impression you get is it is considerably heavier than you?d expect.  This is due to the quality of materials used in its artisan workmanship.

As you begin to explore the individual functional details of the Hydrology9 NX, you immediately notice how modular and interconnected even each component is and all the advanced forethought that had to go into the planning and execution of a device of this sophistication.  Honestly exploring the functions and details reminds me of the feeling you get marveling over a fine Swiss watch with all its micro components and we haven?t even charged the battery yet.

In The NX Ultra9 Bundle with the Hydrology9 NX comes a handy carrying case; a fur-lined black leather finish with convenient carrying straps.  Next in the bundle is the Atomic9.  The Atomic9 herb vaporizer is equally impressive.  With its small compact size and intricate details, with a metal finish, the sleek design is a fitting match to the Hydrology9 NX.  Finally to round up the whole bundle is a neat inventive little device the Tectonic9 an electric manual grinder.

Specs, Features & Functions

The Hydrology9 NX

As the flagship vaporizer for Cloudious9, the Hydrology9 NX flower and concentrate vaporizer comes with all the modes you could want from a compact portable water filter vaporizer with even a few extras.  The new Hydrology9 NX features a temperature control knob or dial at the base; that replaces the original location for the dry herb or flower mixing dial in the original Hydrology9.  Instead of this dial churning your herb, the base now adjusts the temperature.  As you turn this new temperature dial, you cycle through all the colors of the rainbow; blue, green, yellow, purple, red, and white.  Not exactly the correct order of rainbow gradient hues of the color spectrum, but we won?t hold that against them. 

Each color represents a temperature of its total heating range.  Depending on the chamber you are using, flower or dry herb vaporizer you will select the color representing your vaping pleasure.  Some of our reviewers prefer hot and heavy white, while others prefer cool and smooth blue.  Whichever is your desired vape the Hydrology9 NX has you covered.  Using the wax extract vaporizer chamber requires more heat with blue representing 554 degrees up to white at 770 degrees.  On the dry herb vaporizer, it changes down a bit with blue representing 356 degrees on the low end and white representing 455 degrees on the high.  Each color in between represents an average of a 20-degree rise or fall in temperature on the dry herb vaporizer and on the wax dab extract vaporizer chamber it was more on the average of a 43-degree rise or fall in temperature with each turn of the dial. 

In order to turn on the Hydrology9 NX, you click the fire button 3 times.  This will cause the Hydrology9 NX led to flash white three times and turn on the device.  If you press and hold the fire button for 3 seconds, it will report the current battery level as green for fully charged and red for needing a charge.  While the Hydrology9 NX is turned on rotating the temperature dial counterclockwise at the base will cycle up in temperature through all the color temperatures for the chamber currently in use, while rotating clockwise will cycle back down through the colors and temperatures.  Finally clicking the fire button 3 more times will turn off the Hydrology9 NX.  The Hydrology9 NX will also auto shut off after 120 seconds of session use.  At the time of this vaporizer review, we were unable to find a ?Party Mode? or ?Lava Lamp mode? of the previous Hydrology9 Gen 1. 

Included in the Hydrology9 NX vaporizer kit is a ?Silicon Sleeve? that envelopes the base of the unit and wraps around and protects the vaporizer heating chambers.  This silicone sleeve is meant to protect the user from the heat of the Hydrology9 NX and protect the Hydrology9 NX from accidental bangs and bumps from other objects.  We are not sure that this soft cushioning Silicon sleeve will protect the Hydrology9 NX from falls and it would certainly be an absolute crime to test this.  Finally, the cap of the Hydrology9 NX is held in place by magnetics and in the case of the concentrate version, there is an additional glass carb cap hidden in the center of the glass and aluminum lid.  All doors, chambers, lids, and charging ports are functionally supported by strong magnets to hold them in place; there are even silicone gaskets in the heating chambers that are held in place with their own magnets, dedicated to creating a perfect seal.

The bundled black leather carrying case is host to the Hydrology9 NX.  Both the cap and main body are lined in fur for a soft touch to the Hydrology9 NX.  The outer case is completely lined in stitched black leather with hand straps attached to the cap.

The Atomic9

The Atomic9 is a sleek little addition to the Hydrology9 NX bundle.  Its small compact size makes it very convenient to slip into your pocket for on-the-go vaping.  The Atomic9 has a black satin metal finish with intricate details surrounding the device.  To turn the Atomic9 on you click the power button the standard 3 times.  Two lights turn on.  First, the indicator showing what temperature you are set to, and second the main logo begins glowing red indicating it is heating to that desired temperature.

Once the temperature is reached the main logo light turns green and you are ready to vape.  The temperature will remain for a 120-second #sesh.  To up the temperature you simply hold the power button for 3 seconds and the temperature indicator will flash allowing you to press the power again to move to another temperature range.  The Atomic9 has six temperature ranges to choose from 356, 374, 392, 410, 428, and 446.  In our #sesh, we liked to extract the full journey from the herb by starting out at 356, for two minutes, then raise to 374 and vape at that range for 2 minutes and continue to the full 446.  By vaping this way, you extract each of the herb components at each of the ranges they are released.  If you jump straight to the top tier, while a very full-bodied vape, it can burn up some of the lower components in the herb before they are fully realized.  Once finished you can either let the Atomic9 be for auto-shutoff or click the power button 3 more times to shut the Atomic9 back off.

The Tectonic9

Finally to round up the Cloudious9 Hydrology9 NX The NX Ultra9 Bundle there is the ingenious Tectonic9 electric dispensing MANUAL grinder.  The word manual is in all caps for a reason.  When you hear electric you think all-electric.  But in our opinion, you wouldn?t want an all-electric grinder.  Like many electric grinders on the market, they tend to turn the herb into more of a powder than a fine crumble and this is not what you want for a perfect vaping experience.  You need those air pockets between the herb crumbles for solid vaporization throughout the whole chamber.  Anyone who has ground herb knows it takes little effort to grind herb into a crumble.

Once you have ground all the herb, it moves to the lower chamber for storage until needed.  In order to dispense the crumble, you open the sliding door on the front of the unit and flip up the magnetic dispensing cone from the bottom of the device to align with the dispensing hole.  Next, you push the power button and then the magic happens.  The micro-vibrations of the Tectonic9 transport the herb crumble from the inner chamber through the dispensary hole into, in our case the Hydrology9 NX and the Atomic9 vaporizer chambers.  The process is surprisingly smooth and convenient.  Truly an inventive idea.

Build Quality & Design

As mentioned so far throughout this vaporizer review, the Cloudious9 Hydrology9 NX Ultra9 Bundle Flower & Concentrate Vaporizer is in a league of its own.  Just taking into consideration its functionality alone, there isn?t a vaporizer bundle on the market that even comes close to its utility.  Like so many companies these days, Cloudious9 could have cut corners and still dominated the market; simply because the Cloudious9 Hydrology9 NX is the only one of its kind; it has carved out and defined an all-new All-In-One water filtration vaporizer market category.  Certainly, the competitors are watching and we should start to see a whole new range of compact vape bong vaporizers or ebongs if you will in the future. 

The build quality of Cloudious9 Hydrology9 NX reminds me of holding some of my Canon L series lenses.  It?s slightly heavy and just holding the Hydrology9 NX you can just feel, nothing you are touching is plastic.  There are a lot of individual parts that went into the Hydrology9 NX?s design, but what you won?t see are gaps between any of these components.  The magnetic lid could have been one solid piece of clear plastic with a magnet to hold it in place, but in the case of the concentrate Hydrology9 NX?s design, it is actually made from 6 individual pieces of glass, aircraft aluminum, and silicon for a sealing hold on the cab cap.  Cloudious9 spared no expense in the design and execution of the Hydrology9 NX herb vaporizer.

Real-World Experience

Charging the battery with the magnetic attachment was a genius idea, not only because it cuts down on production costs for international adaptability, but it also means you can select a different USB format or even replace a defective USB port in the future.  It is foresight like this that instills further confidence in a company and product like the Cloudious9 Hydrology9 NX.  The Hydrology9 NX took less than 60 minutes to charge in our testing.  It was certainly one of the more attractive devices to charge as it sat there and pulsed with its red led. 

Finally, the unit comes up to full temperature and our #sesh began.  Like our #sesh with the Atomic9, we gradually worked through all heat ranges of the Hydrology9.  Each heat range gives a slightly different vaping journey.  At low heat levels, the vapor was pack full of flavor, and as the temperature was raised the body of vapor increased.  Overall a very smooth and cool vaping experience that you would come to expect from a water-filtered herb vaporizer.

Price & Availability

As with all premium products the Cloudious9 Hydrology9 NX is available from all larger retailers and distributors.

Pros & Cons

Every aspect of the Hydrology9 NX can be considered a pro, but if we had to consider the cons with the Cloudious9 Hydrology9 NX there were so few cons.  The only cons that come to mind are the fact we lost the party on the NX.  Overall we rate the Hydrology9 NX scores 9.8 out of 10.0.


In summary, if you are looking for a world-class cannabis vaping device that is both functional and luxurious in design, then look no further than the Hydrology9 NX.  We would recommend purchasing the bundle kit for a fully functional cannabis journey for all occasions.

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