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VAPE Magazine Interview

VAPE Magazine Interview

Tell your story of how your driving your VAPE business to success on the front lines of the vaping community. is very interested in your vape business and the story behind it. Whether you are a Premium e Juice manufacturer, a mod/atomizer designer, a vape shop owner, vaping trickster or vape reviewer we want to tell your story. We will delve into the details of your business and tell your story to the rest of the vaping community. With today’s social push for real stories and real truth of everyday events, you would be surprised at the engagement your story of daily business life will create.

We will need to interact with you as we write your story and begin publicizing your upcoming publishing story. Please friend, follow and like through the following social media channels before beginning your interview below. We use these social channels to communicate with you. If you haven’t yet created these channels, it is strongly advised that you do for your own success and media exposure. If you need assistance, please don’t be shy, contact us at We are here to assist you.

Social Media Channels to Follow & Communicate Through

Please take the time to connect & follow the following channels now:

Hold on a minute, my social channel is not on here!
Not to worry, if you don’t see one of your social channels on this list, please email us at and we will expand ourselves to accommodate your business needs.

Authorization to Publish your story

We are sure you are who you say you are and the owner of your business. But we need your authorization to publish your story. This is a very simple standard process of pasting an authorization code in the footer of your website. Copy and paste the following code so our editors can validate our authorization to publish your story.?

Copy and past this code into the footer of your website:
<div><strong>As seen in <a href="" title="VAPE Magazine">VAPE Magazine</a>.com</strong></div>

Which will appear like this on your website:

As seen in VAPE ( But don’t copy and paste this line )

Again if you have trouble with any part of the interview process, please contact us at

Wait a minute, I don’t have a website!

On rare occasions business owners get so wrapped up in business they over look some of the most elementary parts of modern business; like a website. The VAPING community is here to assist you. So before you get over charged by over priced web design firms or worse yet end up with something completely unprofessional, please contact our Editorial department and we will connect you with VAPE industry partners. In some cases you can get your website FREE as a benefit of offering certain vaping partner products or services.

Lets begin your interview.

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