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Is Bad Website Design Hurting your Online VAPE Business?

First impressions are everything in the forming opinions of online shoppers. Any vaper that has searched the vaping industry for online vape shops or Premium e Juice websites knows professional website design for some; is sadly NOT a priority. We all know how we feel when we are searching for a product or service and arrive at a badly designed website. We immediately ask those questions. Is it safe to use my credit card here? Is this product even safe to use? Is this some fly by night operation? In most cases bad website design leaves people feeling this is some person operating out of their garage, trying to appear like a trusted and established company. The simple fact of the matter is bad website design is bad for business.

The Cost of Doing Web Based Business in the Vaping Industry

With the web design industry’s average cost for a professional vaping website starting out at $5,000 for 5 pages, it is not surprising that most small vape companies have put off making their online vape websites look more professional. It’s time to change this., together with select Premium e Juice manufacturers are going to sponsor a change to this thinking with a combined sponsorship support of up to 80% of the total cost burden. The total cost of a 5 page vape website design will now be as low as $1199.99. Another way to further offset costs is by cutting your current costs, has also partnered with, a web services provider. has pledged their full support to our cause, by offering our sponsors domain names at $8.99 a year, compared to the normal industry price of $14.99 to $30.00 a year. is also sponsoring unlimited web hosting starting as low as $2.79 a month with multi year pre-purchase, as compared to the $9.99 to $14.99 per month industry average. They assured their sponsorship will be at cost and guaranteed it will be the lowest prices in the industry. They provided us this industry product comparison of cheap web hosting as proof. Thank you for your sponsored support.

Please join VAPE Magazine and leading Premium e Juice manufacturers in supporting this VAPE website sponsorship project. Encourage anyone who needs a better website, to fill out the form below to take advantage of this 80% sponsorship assistance program.

Win an RX200 in the Reuleaux RX200² Giveaway! 200 Days, 200 ways to win, 200 box mod Giveaway!

Know someone needing web design and want to WIN an RX200 Box Mod? This on going sponsored web design 200 day giveaway, will be constantly awarding lucky winners with RX200 Box Mods; awarded to every sponsored web design and the person that referred them. Anyone who needs or knows someone who needs a better website design, tag them in social shares so up to 3 people can win an RX200 today.

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